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'Good ideas are common, what's uncommon are the people who will work hard enough to bring them about'

- ‘Ashleigh Brilliant, an inspired person’

Invest today, change tomorrow

We’re Btomorrow Ventures (BTV), the corporate venture capital arm of BAT, focused on building world-class businesses that drive transformation and accelerate change.

Where global distribution meets open innovation

We go beyond financial investment and develop strategic partnerships with the world’s most ambitious founders; and we combine the distribution of a global corporation with the innovation of a start-up to accelerate your growth and build the brands of tomorrow.

Presenting our portfolio

Our focus is razor-sharp. We invest in specialist categories, including consumer brands, digital transformation, new technologies and future sciences, all informed by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Get involved, get inspired

Btomorrow Labs

We handpick the world’s boldest disruptors and build the partnerships that will shape the future.

Btomorrow Labs


Our talks and events bring together a community of investors, founders and thought-leaders to explore the future of business.

Binspired event

Battle of Minds

We host our global Battle of Minds competition as a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and bring innovations to life.

Battle of Minds Competition Globe

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