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What is the advantage of Corporate Venture Capital?

The beauty of corporate venture capital is that we are far more than a financial investor, we are a strategic partner. At BTV, we leverage the size and scale of BAT in a range of ways to benefit your business. From industry-leading scientific support, to access to our global distribution footprint, we have used our strategic capabilities to support our portfolio in all kinds of ways.

What sectors do BTV focus on and does there need to be a link to BAT?

We invest across categories including consumer brands, digital transformation, new technologies and future sciences. Our investments are often in areas which BAT currently do not operate. It is important, however, that all of our investments have a strong strategic rationale for BAT and support our goal for A Better Tomorrow™.

What is BTV’s average investment size?

Our investment size varies by sector and by investment round. We have invested in businesses from seed stage and are able to invest as late as series C & D depending on the opportunity.

Does BTV co-invest?

Yes, we do. Naturally we are very selective in those that we invest alongside, but we have co-invested with many great partners in our portfolio already.

Does BTV invest pre-revenue?

Yes, we do. We welcome pre revenue start-ups with strong scientific capabilities or IP rich portfolios. Several of our investments fall into this category.

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