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BTV awarded the highest recognition for our work in D&I across the VC industry

BTV one of only 25 funds to be awarded the Diversity VC Standard Level 2.

Diversity VC award

We are proud to announce that Btomorrow Ventures (BTV) has been certified a Level 2 Diversity VC Standard, for our work in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

Following on from our previous Level 1 certification in 2021, Level 2 is the highest level awarded to funds working to create a more inclusive venture capital community. We are one of only 25 venture capital funds globally to achieve Level 2 status.

The award came after a thorough and wide-reaching assessment of our culture, deal-making, portfolio management and recruitment process.

“Achieving Level 2 reflects an ongoing commitment within BTV, our parent company, our portfolio companies and the wider VC industry to continuously boost diversity and inclusion,”

says Peter Wozny, BTV’s Senior Legal Counsel and a board member of B United, BAT’s LGBTQ+ group for employees and allies.

“Not only does it give us credibility to attract good investments and partners, it also improves our ability to attract and retain key people, boosting our performance."
“When we ask our portfolio companies in places such as Africa, China and South America to take diversity, equity and inclusion seriously, it contributes to creating the catalyst for change.”

As an international assessment and certification programme, Diversity VC sets benchmarks across the industry and we are extremely proud of this recognition of our values and work.

After achieving Level 1 status in 2021, we continued to improve our diversity approach on the path to Level 2, particularly in the field of gender diversity. This is vitally important in VC, an industry where many senior roles are predominantly performed by men.

In doing this, we:

  1. Tracked D&I metrics across our portfolio and targeted investment companies
  2. Ensured these companies adhere to the same D&I policies and frameworks as BTV (or to the extent possible by law)
  3. Helped advance women to the management board of portfolio companies
  4. Improved how we recruit and treat colleagues, for example through training to remove unconscious bias in hiring

We see gaining this Level 2 certification for D&I in VC not as an end in itself, but as an important step on a much longer journey. Our work in this area will continue.

We are always keen to improve and learn from others, as this is an area which is constantly evolving and developing. So if you have done something that has improved your team culture, recruitment process, policies or portfolio processes, please let us know. We’d also love to hear your recommendations for organisations you’ve worked with or resources that have helped you.

Commenting on the certification, Karan Kapoor, Development and Inclusion Manager of BAT, said:

“BTV has shown great inclusive behaviour and accountability to achieve this major recognition. Well done to everyone involved.”

The VC Standard has been developed in partnership with Diversio, the world’s leading D&I solution provider for investors. You can find out more about it here:

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