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BTV supports Veganuary

We look into the awareness-raising month and the vegan products available from our portfolio companies.

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We’re proud to announce that many of the functional foods, beverages and supplements from our portfolio companies are vegan and free from animal-derived ingredients. That’s why we’re giving them a Veganuary shout-out.

You may have heard the name, but do you actually know what Veganuary is? Writer Tomilola Olabode has the low down…

Veganuary, coined by the UK non-profit organisation of the same name, is an annual challenge promoting the vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Founded in 2014, the name is now widely used in reference to the event as a whole, rather than just the organisation.

The idea for many is to start the journey into plant-based consumption as a lighthearted New Year’s resolution and then maintain the habit beyond the first month of the year. That way, it evolves into a consistent, sustainable lifestyle rather than a one-time experiment.

Whether you sign up to Veganuary directly through the organisation’s website (which provides you with recipes and coaching tips, amongst other resources), or start your own personal initiative, it’s a great way to kickstart a positive change to your diet, consumer habits, and the health of the environment.

After a decade, Veganuary has developed into a beacon of change, inspiring millions across the planet to adopt an environmentally and animal-friendly diet. The scheme has reached almost every country in the world through dedicated campaigns and media coverage, including in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

There are several reasons why people join in on Veganuary. Primarily, veganism makes a contribution to the end of animal cruelty. While mainstream cosmetics companies such as Lush and The Body Shop commit to omitting animal testing in their manufacturing process, Veganuary does its bit by endorsing an animal-free diet to ease the expectation on animals that are farmed for human consumption. Essentially, it allows them to just be animals, rather than a commodity. The philosophy of veganism doesn’t just apply to food – a vegan abstains from all animal products, including rejecting anything that exploits animals for clothing and furniture (such as leather and fur goods), or that incorporates animal testing in its production.

Another reason is health, regarding both the environment and our physical health. While a plant-based diet is proven to have a significantly less damaging impact on our planet due to fewer cases of deforestation, gas emissions and more, there is research to show that vegans are less likely to develop serious health issues due to the their diet. You can read more about how going vegan may have a positive impact on your health here.

Overall, the founders of the event said it best: the aim is to “make powerful strides toward a world where vegan is the norm rather than the exception.” And what better way to begin than to try it for just a month?

Here’s a list of our portfolio companies that offer vegan products. Either all of their products, or some of them, are vegan. Check out their social media pages and websites for full details.

Caffeinated chocolate, available in Canada and the US. Try the Plain Dark Chocolate and Mint Dark Chocolate flavours for a boost with your bite.


All Blockhead functional chewing gums are vegan. You can find them in outlets across the UK and online.


All Feel products are vegan. This UK-based company’s Pro Collagen Gel is the world’s first vegan collagen and comes in a tasty cherry-flavoured gel.

Mais Mu

There’s an entire ‘vegano’ (vegan) section on this Brazilian healthy snacks and supplement brand’s website, with more than 20 products, from the Pre-Workout Pink Lemonade to Choco-Wafer bars and Banana Pie with Cinnamon post-workout protein.


All of Moment’s adaptogen-filled beverages (available in the US and Japan) are vegan. Check out the newest delicious flavour, Berry Jasmine.

More Labs

All of these science-backed, function shots (available across Europe and North America) to help you recover, stay focused or sleep, are vegan.


With the exception of Tru Beauty Seltzer which contains non-vegan collagen all functional shots and seltzers from US-based Tru are completely vegan.

Written by
Written by
Tomilola Olabode
Tomilola, a recent English graduate from Keele University, is a London-based copywriter who has previously written for a supported living organisation. This is her first article for BTV and we look forward to reading more from her over the coming months.
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